How Vevo Is Personalizing the Ad Experience With Brands Like Honda

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Vevo wants to become the Lunchables for music videos, more or less. "Music videos are snackable. Bite-sized. That’s why they’re so popular," said Vevo’s svp of national sales, Adam Smith.  Vevo, which has seen year-over-year growth, is trying to really personalize the ad experience for its users.

Uma grande parceria: Vevo e Honda, potencialmente um parceiro improvável à primeira vista. Mas quando você pensa um pouco mais sobre isso, é sempre bom ter algumas músicas legais para uma viagem de carro.

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Imagine a music industry with 950m mobile listeners by 2022

Want a new big number to whack into your music industry PowerPoint or Keynote presentations? Strategy Analytics has you covered.

“The research firm has published its latest report on the digital music market, focusing on mobile. The key claims: first that streaming will grow from 76% of mobile music revenues in 2015 to 95% in 2022; and second that in that time, the number of ‘mobile music users’ will double to 950 million.

There’s a degree of frustration with any report like this that focuses purely on ‘mobile’, given that streaming crosses devices and platforms. If someone is paying $9.99 a month for Spotify or Apple Music and listens on their phone, their computer and their connected hi-fi, how much of that money counts as ‘mobile’ anyway?”

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