What some perceive as ephemeral content’s greatest weakness is actually its most powerful quality. In an online landscape where attention is most scarce, ephemerality is key. 🔑 Last week I had the pleasure of being on a panel with some brilliant minds at Amsterdam Dance Event. The topic: marke

“Snapchat now beats Facebook and Instagram as their top social platform.


The popularity of ephemeral content has to do with a number of factors. One teen writes:

  • No social pressure, because the main metric is view count.
  • Ephemerality means you don’t need to overthink what you post.
  • You actually know who’s watching — if people have seen your post, their usernames are revealed.

[…] The world these people have grown up in is different from that of older generations.[…] This generation is aware that information lives forever and their strategies for dealing with that include deleting their digital histories frequently.

[…] But the question is:” How do I develop a strategy around ephemeral content?”

[…] Habit is the key to winning people’s attention over and over.

[…] Once understood, ephemerality can be engineered. If Snapchat is not your thing, or if teens are not your main demographic, there are other ways to become part of people’s habit through ephemerality. The expiring nature of Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Release Radar is the reason why those features have been so successful and have deeply influenced the product’s direction.

[…] What some perceive as ephemeral content’s greatest weakness, is actually its most powerful quality. Use its expiring nature to build habit, keep your fans’ attention on you, and lead them to where you need them.”

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