New York office soon to open as 7digital exec comes on board

“The agreement will see FUGA handling catalog from artists including Afrika Bambaata, Ghostface Killah, Naughty by Nature and Method Man.

Pieter van Rijn, CEO, FUGA added: “We’re excited about Tommy Boy joining our tight knit family and honoured to be working with Tom, Rosie and their exceptional team.

“Demand for FUGA’s technology and distribution services has guided our decision to set up a dedicated Americas hub, in the capable hands of one of our directors, Dave Driessen. Anna Siegel has fantastic experience and knowledge of the American market, and will be a great asset to that end.”

Tom Silverman, Founder, Tommy Boy added: “It is increasingly important for independent record labels to remain competitive in this period of industry adjustment. FUGA is an important part of the operational setup Tommy Boy has developed to foster artist and catalogue growth.”

Benson Curb, Curb Records concluded: “We’re thrilled with FUGA’s technology platform and services and are very happy about their increased American presence”

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